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The Double – Alcove Logo Animation

Last year Framestore worked on Richard Ayoade’s second feature film The Double, starring Jesse Eisenberg in a double role. I did some work on the film (most of it unused, see previous post), and i also designed the production company logo animation for the start of the film.

The Director wanted a bespoke animation to suit the tone of his film, and was keen to get something a bit more ‘noir’ and handmade. I was inspired by the Third Man, and all the classic film titles of the 30’s/40s.

Quick Mockup thumbnails for the Director. He wanted the text to be down a dark alley or alcove, and for the letters to be three dimensional.

The Final Animation.

 ‘F’ was chosen. The shadow forming the text married itself to the films theme of duality, and the upside down text up top kinda looked Russian (which was nice seeing as the film was based on a Dostoevsky Novel). The camera crane out was inspired by similar shots from High Noon and Singing in the Rain. Click to play:

Music by Andrew Hewitt.

I also created a graphic version for print/end credits:

The Double – IMDB