The Double – Video Game

I did some images for Richard Ayeoade’s film The Double, for a computer game one of the characters plays in the film. My images were not used, but was fun to try some stuff out anyways.

The first idea was a simple 8-bit style shooter (the character in the scene is playing with a gun controller). The game also had to be based around the idea of the Colonel, a character in the film, who is seen in a portrait hanging over the gamer.

Animation tests:

The ‘Colonel':

The director wanted something that didn’t look like a game however, and was interested in something more painterly, detailed and weird. Henri Rousseau and Nigerian film posters were the influence here. Experimented with tribal masks, and then a big game hunter approach, with tigers and blood.


Tiger test. Poor tigers :(

In the end, it went back to a more simple 8-bit approach, the final graphics being created by my colleague David Locchead: